Governance Seminar

The Governance Seminar addresses the impediments that Chief and Councils, Economic Development Boards and School Boards for First Nations, face in governing successfully, proactively, transparently and for the long-term betterment of all community members.

The purpose of the governance seminar is to provide First Nations leadership with all the basic tools for effective governance and economic development.

The Seminar Examines:

  • The strengths of the First Nation and challenges overcome, which have fostered survival to this date;
  • Any systemic weaknesses in governance and economic development;
  • Current challenges which leadership faces;
  • Whether people are being set up to fail;
  • Micromanaging;
  • Burning out the star performers;
  • The internal oppressor;
  • Setting priorities around both time and importance, to prevent non-stop crisis management;
  • White man’s rules or the traditional ways;
  • Three rules every leader can follow to be effective;
  • Orderly and productive conduct of meetings;
  • Building the foundation for successful governance and economic development; and
  • Wholeness for the First Nation leadership.


Wholeness may just be a very simple set of rules about leadership conduct, which are part of the oral governance traditions of the First Nation.  These are available to be rediscovered.  While the legal rules about conflict of interest, fiduciary duties, and codes of conduct, are all covered in this seminar, the emphasis is on storytelling, of sharing lessons learned the hard way, and about how leadership creates the foundation of success in First Nations country.

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