I was and am very impressed with the services provided by Craig Nixon Law Corporation.  Craig has been thorough and very down to earth.  The staff are all welcoming and eager to serve.  I would definitely recommend Craig for any estate planning needs. 

 George Peterson

As executor of my mother’s estate, I wanted to ensure I found the right firm to work with and I must say, I’ve been more than satisfied with the work Craig Nixon has done.  We wanted to ensure we could do as much of  the legwork to keep the costs reasonable for the Estate and Craig was more than willing to work with us. With our gathering of documents and Craig’s detailed lists and thorough review of the documents, the probate process moved ahead much quicker than any of us expected and without any requested amendments  by the Court.  I’ve been very impressed by Craig and his staff’s professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend Craig Nixon for Estate handling

Robert Stalmans

Many people worry about distributing their assets after their death. When I contacted Craig Nixon to help me write my Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Representation Agreement, I thought I had researched the subject thoroughly and arrived with reams of notes. I was thrilled when Craig asked very detailed questions in his initial meetings with me, and was very supportive of me and my wishes. Craig asked all the right questions about my situation, and I realized that some things I thought I understood were not really what I wanted. Craig explained the law and future possibilities for certain circumstances in a gentle and clear manner, so that I had a background to base my decisions on. I wanted my estate distributed fairly to several family members, and Craig’s calculations guided me to make an informed decision. At all times he respected my ideas, showed great patience for my late additions and changes and completed the documents in a very realistic time frame. My Will, POA, and RA leave no doubts about my wishes, are very detailed, and will free my executors from complicated decisions while still living and after my death. Craig helped me be very confident that I have planned for my future well. In the past, I had renewed my Will several times with different lawyers, but Craig is the one and only lawyer I have worked with who took the time to listen, educate and support me in writing these official documents.

Katharina Prochotsky

As Executor of my mother’s estate, I asked Craig Nixon to help with the many details in executing the will, including court filings and responses, tax law, trust funds, and meeting the requirements of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act. Craig provided professional services throughout the whole process and we are grateful for his assistance.

Doug Smith

I came in to see Craig Nixon incorporate a new company. All staff were extremely personable and very easy to work with. They moved heaven and earth to make things happen with a short turnaround time for me. I would highly recommend Craig Nixon Law Corporation for all of your corporate needs. I will definitely come back to Craig before trying any other law firm.


Neil Schiiler

Craig and his staff have been incredibly helpful, supportive and professional over the last several years as our parents transitioned from their house to a partial care facility, and most recently handling estate transition after the loss of our Dad. Thank you, Craig and team!!

Eric Miller

We were impressed with Craig’s and his staff’s professionalism, knowledge, sensitivity and support during a trying time in assisting us through the Probate process. It made a difficult challenging task a lot easier as they provided council and worked with us through the steps and paperwork to complete the many probate phases to the final disposition. I would use them again when needed for any future work and would highly recommend them if you have to seek assistance.

Lori Morrison

We’ve used Craig Nixon Law Corporation to remove my mom’s name from our house title. Due to subtle nuances, this could have been very complicated and drawn out. Craig Nixon ensured this whole process went very smoothly, was relatively stress-free and efficient. We would definitely recommend Craig to anyone and he will be the first one we call if ever we need a lawyer in the future.

M. & D. Casey

We used Craig Nixon for settling my mother’s estate. I must say, we were beyond impressed. He, and his office, were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Everything was settled quickly, making what seemed like a stressful, impossible time quite manageable. Thank you so much to Craig and all of his wonderful staff for all that you did to help our family.

Debra Yablonski & Family

Craig Nixon Law Corporation is fantastic to work with. They have gone above and beyond in providing advice and managing my business needs from set up, annual reporting and partnership agreements. Craig and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable and have walked me through the legal processes and procedures. I am so glad to have them as my legal team and look forward to continuing top-notch service in the future.

Karri Loadman, President & Managing Broker

Team Approach Property Services Ltd.

We chose Craig Nixon to handle the estate of my deceased father. From the start, Craig handled the probate application and items of the will in a very prompt and efficient manner. He was very personable and was able to answer all our questions in an easy-to-understand way. He made a tough and daunting task much easier, and accurately predicted costs and timeframes for each stage of the process.

Very happy with our choice to use Craig Nixon to conclude our legal matters, and would wholeheartedly recommend this firm for your legal matters too.

Evan Batke

Craig Nixon and his staff handled a delicate family situation for us in an extremely caring and professional manner that we will be forever grateful for. We had an extreme crisis on our hands and Craig stepped in as a friend and a lawyer to help settle our situation and leave everyone feeling relieved and appeased.

My brother has struggled with drug addiction for over thirty years and the situation escalated to the point of extreme elder and financial abuse against my parents. When me and my husband stepped in to try and stop the situation it created more family conflict and as a friend, Craig made some legal suggestions which we eventually followed and which indirectly caused the situation to be rectified. He made different options available to us and gently guided us through a crisis in a caring and compassionate way. When we made decisions based on his advice, he pointed out the long-term effects and possibilities of our decisions.

In the end, his sound advice regarding wills, a family agreement and a trust fund for my brother appeased us all and I am happy to say that my family is back on stable ground. I give much of this credit to Craig Nixon Law Corporation and its professional, caring staff.

Tammy Hardman

We enjoyed working with your company which we found to be both professional and top-notch.  We would recommend Craig to anybody.

Kevin and Nicole Fischer

Care Free Modular Homes Inc.

We found our experience with Craig and his staff to be professional and friendly. The process for our wills was pleasant and reasonably priced. We would highly recommend Craig Nixon law firm for any legal business dealings.

Leroy Brown and Jane Morrison

Craig handled a commercial real estate transaction for us in 2014.  He came prepared with checklists of everything we had to discuss and make decisions about, which led to professional, efficient and timely meetings. Craig did his due diligence and even though we did not follow all his recommendations he made sure we were aware of the consequences of our decisions. All in all, a very good experience.

Mark and Dorothy Purdey

Autopro Alignment & Maintenance, T & H Autopro

I was emotionally and mentally devastated by the sudden dismissal notice I received from my employer.  I was coping poorly, feeling paralyzed, discouraged, fearing for my future, mentally exhausted from the stress, and feeling rejected.

When I first called Craig Nixon’s office, I was greeted by a courteous, warm and friendly receptionist who took my message. This may seem like a normal encounter for some people, but I cannot emphasize how much I was comforted and such a reception definitely eased my anxiety.

When I spoke with Craig Nixon over the phone, he was receptive and listened with compassion. I felt very reassured. Despite the uncertainties surrounding my situation, it was such a relief to know someone with vast legal knowledge “cared”.
As human beings, we can immediately sense when someone genuinely cares about us.

When I met Craig Nixon at his office, once again, the receptionist greeted me warmly as if I was a very special guest. I did not expect such a welcome from a law office!

Then, when I sat down with Craig Nixon to discuss my situation, he listened with absolute attention and interest, as if he had all the time in the world. With his complete sense of “presence”, he demonstrated a masterful art of communication, human engagement, and the delivery of realistic advice.

What I learned from my experience receiving professional advice and service from Craig Nixon’s office is that, as human beings coping with various challenges or stresses in life, we forget how service providers can make a huge positive impact on a client simply by their ability to listen and connect with sincerity, to empathize with patience and understanding, to encourage, inform and give firm guidance.
Craig Nixon also explored pros and cons with me, and asked the right questions that helped me to gain more clarity. I was made aware that perhaps more important than the case “details” is the “human element” that tends to get lost in many business situations, legal or otherwise.

Being involved in a crisis situation, such as a loss, break up, betrayal or termination, often we are shocked and emotionally traumatized.
In my case, I could not think straight, I was vulnerable, depressed for days and felt like a failure.
But I unexpectedly experienced a valuable lesson from Craig Nixon: He put things into perspective which helped me to accept and be more at peace with options presented to me.

And yes, in life, in legal conflicts, it is nearly impossible to end up with a perfect or an ideal outcome; but somehow the struggles, even injustices you may encounter are made much easier to endure because someone took the time to hear you, understand you, and demonstrated respect.

I witnessed such impeccable professionalism with Craig Nixon, and for this, I am made a stronger and wiser person. Thank you, Craig, for sharing your amazing gifts, expertise and dedication through your law practice.

I have no doubt the world is made a better place because you make a difference in people’s lives as you did for me.

Kaira Potter

A death in the family is always difficult and when you are the executor of a Will there are added pressures and responsibilities. Craig Nixon has been our family’s lawyer for many years and when I had to work through the process as an executor Craig was there every step of the way. He confidently guided our family through the many complicated, legal steps and was supportive and kind. Craig knows exactly what to do and everything flows in a professional manner which is an absolute necessity in dealing with Wills and the associated duties to close out an estate. I highly recommend Craig Nixon and his outstanding staff for Estate Planning and Wills.

Sheryl Lindquist